Cat Healed through Prayer

I have found that Christian Science heals animals as readily as it does people.

Years ago, my elderly cat became quite ill. After praying for some time, and seeing little visible result, I reluctantly took the cat to the vet. He took an X-ray and concluded that something was wrong with her kidneys. He told me that the best thing I could do was to keep the cat well hydrated and gave me some equipment to help do that. I brought the cat home.

After a few days of trying the water treatment, there seemed to be little beneficial effect, so I discontinued it. I decided to redouble my efforts to find a solution through prayer, and asked someone else to pray with me. This prayer led me to see my cat more as a God-created idea than I had considered before. I reasoned that cats express grace, balance, delicacy, and intelligence. Like all of God’s creations, they must be immortal and indestructible, since God cannot create anything unlike himself. Consistent attention to these kinds of thoughts made a huge difference in my outlook, and in my cat’s health. She recovered, and lived at least another year with no recurrence of the problem.

I am very grateful.


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