How My Family Found Christian Science

While my mother attended Sunday school in a reformed Jewish synagogue in her youth, she and my grandparents could be best described as secular in outlook     with little interest in religion.  After graduating from high school, she attended college at the University of California, but had to drop out upon or shortly after her first year sometime in 1942 as a result of an incurable, deteriorating digestive health condition.  She became an invalid confined to bed, unable to eat normally, and was on a rapid, downward trajectory as she lost weight and strength.  Despite seeking help from the best medical specialists in San Francisco, none could be found that offered any hope of cure. 

My grandparents had a successful millinery shop in the St. Francis Hotel in San Francisco at the time.  One early evening after the shop was closed for business, the bookkeeper came in to pick up the week’s receipt and purchase records.  To her surprise, she found my grandfather seated in the back room leaning over his desk and weeping.  When she tenderly inquired what was troubling him, he explained that his only daughter, my mom, was dying and that nothing could be done to help her.   As I recall the details, this kind woman suggested that she had a book that could be of great help.  Either that evening or sometime shortly afterward, she gave my grandfather a copy of Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy, and told him to give it to her and have her read it.

As I recall from my mother’s reminisces, she read Science and Health all afternoon with intensity and without interruption.  At dinner time she realized that her strength and normal appetite returned.  She came downstairs to the dining room and joined my grandparents in eating a normal meal for the first time in several months.   She was cured and that was the end of the debilitating illness!  I recall my mother telling me that my grandparents both wept with tears of joy at the dinner table that evening as they witnessed my mother’s complete healing.  They all knew it was that the divine truth in that book that resulted in the healing.    

This healing profoundly changed my mother, and she became interested in Christian Science.  My mother’s healing was exactly like those testimonies in the “Fruitage” chapter of Science and Health in which healing resulted from reading the book.  She soon began attending a local Christian Science church in San Francisco and became an active member sometime thereafter.   

While my grandparents didn’t pursue any interest in Christian Science, I do recall that my grandmother had great respect for this healing religion.  One time while riding in the family car with my mom and grandmother, I specifically recall a conversation in which my grandmother referred to a young child (who may have been a family member of a friend) who was quickly healed of a serious hand injury by vehemently denying its reality with a simple, childlike conviction.  She exclaimed that this child was a “natural Christian Scientist”.   Another time when I was young, I recall attending a Christian Science lecture at a local San Francisco movie theater with my mom and grandmother.   I am certain that if my mother’s healing didn’t happen just as I have described, my grandmother would have had a very dismissive attitude toward Christian Science.

My dad had no interest in religion, but I do recall when I was about 5 years of age that he had an operation to remove kidney stones and being very ill-at-ease when he was away from home in the hospital.  Some years later, my mom explained that his operation was unsuccessful, and his doctors wanted to repeat the operation.   He was in such extreme discomfort that it only took gentle prodding to obtain his consent to prayerful treatment by a Christian Science practitioner; he was quickly healed and a second operation wasn’t necessary.  

As a young child, I had no interest in attending Sunday School.  I much preferred going on Sunday morning adventures with my dad.  When I began to ask my parents “how do people know that there is a God?”, my mother knew it was time for me to attend.  I reluctantly attended Sunday School at the 4th Church of Christ Scientist in San Francisco.   I only regret that I didn’t immediately realize the tremendous blessing that this attendance represented at the time.  Today, when I teach a Sunday School class, I love to tell the students that the best thing my mom ever did for me was to enroll me in a Christian Science Sunday School!

by J.E.H.

Nosebleed stopped quickly

As the airplane began to descend for landing, my nose started to bleed.  It wasn’t the first time that I’ve been troubled with this problem and frequently it  has lasted for quite a while.  I immediately turned to God in prayer and mentally said a strong “No, you have no power over me, no cause”. I continued to affirm that God is the only cause and causes only that which is good, normal, harmonious.  My identity is not in a  malfunctioning, matter body,  Divine Love is present, caring for everyone on this plane and meeting all needs.  With that the bleeding stopped.  I had been talking with my seat mates and I don’t think they were even aware of the problem.  I was happy to be free as the plane landed.  When we take a step forward spiritually, it is always a time for gratitude.  I am deeply grateful that Christian Science shows us how to follow in the steps of Christ Jesus’ healings.



Skin condition healed and character improved

Our son came home from a school trip to Costa Rica with a very aggressive skin condition on his face. It began to spread to other areas of his body, and I prayed diligently with the support of a Christian Science practitioner, to overcome the fears that were coming to me and to our son. I stayed by our son’s side day and night, reading to him and encouraging him with the truths that came to my thought. In a few days we both felt free from fear, but the condition seemed to continue to spread.

The school nurse contacted us, and informed us that the Health Department had been brought in, because a couple of other children were experiencing the same thing. One family visited a medical clinic, and the doctors said that it was not contagious, which satisfied the Health Department.

As we continued to pray, we tackled some of our son’s character issues that concerned me, such as his unwillingness to help out when asked, the tendency to procrastinate, and disobedience. These were impositions on a young man who is very intelligent, perceptive, loving, and thoughtful, and I wanted to see through the belief that man is made up of right and wrong, good and evil.

One day, our son said to me, “Mom, I’m not sure why I wasn’t helping you when you asked, but now I will help you anytime you ask.” This has proven to be the case. He is always ready to help, has become more organized, takes initiative in doing his work on time and is more responsible and much happier.

From then on the skin condition stopped spreading and gradually faded. We no longer needed to use bandages. He returned to school and finished the year with very good grades and compliments from his teachers about his helpful and confident nature. It goes without saying that I am very grateful for this healing which included the transformation in our son’s character.


Swollen throat healed through prayer

This past spring a mild sore throat quickly turned into a situation where I could barely swallow, and I could open my mouth only wide enough to fit a straw. I wasn’t able to eat or drink much, and so for several days I took a few sips of liquid every few hours. The pain was so great that I chose to be hungry rather than to swallow.

I had been working with a Christian Science Practitioner on another situation, and so she continued to support me. There came a day though, that I felt I wasn’t going to be able to go much longer in this condition, and I felt I should change practitioners.

I asked my husband to call for me and as soon as the prayerful work began I felt a release from concern about not eating and I felt a gentle stirring in my consciousness.

During the day, I prayed with every passage that I have memorized from the Bible, Science and Health and Mrs. Eddy’s other writings. I listened to Christian Science online lectures all through the night and listened to the audio reading of Science and Health on JSH online. I was so grateful for these!

As the days went by I realized something: that I needed to be quiet more and wait on God before I offered feedback or my opinion, especially at work. In No and Yes, page 8, Mrs. Eddy says, “We should endeavor to be long-suffering, faithful, and charitable with all. To this small effort let us add more privilege—namely, silence whenever it can substitute censure.”  It became obvious that all I needed to do was trust more, and if it was right for me to say anything, God would provide the opportunity and the right words. This may sound simplistic, but for someone who has a lot of ideas coming to me on how to make things better, run more smoothly, etc., it required attentiveness on my part to hold back and wait on God.

I was making progress, although I still couldn’t eat. I was able to get up and sit at the dinner table and my husband made me smoothies. They took a very long time to drink, but I was grateful.

One night I just felt that I couldn’t stand the pain any longer and I was starving and so uncomfortable. I reached out again with my whole heart to God, and all of a sudden it became very clear that I needed to heal everything I had ever done that was unkind or wrong or missed the mark in any way. I knew the past could be redeemed and the practitioner explained that I could apply my current understanding of God to heal anything in my past. It seemed like a Herculean undertaking, but I opened my thought to what I should handle first, and memories from when I was just a little girl started coming to mind. I corrected everything, praying with verses from our Pastor (the Bible and Science and Health, together) and from Prose Works. I was very specific and I didn’t let anything go until I was completely sure I had corrected the error and replaced it with the truth about myself.

As I kept at this, little by little, my mouth started to open! And I was able to swallow more easily. Day after day and even during the night when I found it difficult to sleep, I asked God what needed correcting and something would come to mind. Healing these past errors freed me from the latent guilt that had been making its home in my consciousness, and I made steady progress.

It was a couple more weeks before I could open my mouth fully, but I was able to eat soft food and drink with more freedom. One day my jaw popped and I was able to open my mouth normally and swallow easily.

What was so wonderful about this healing was that it was truly a Christianly scientific healing because it uncovered and healed sin. I feel I was completely transformed by this healing and I am extremely grateful.


Prayer to God reverses stroke

One afternoon four years ago I was on our deck watering plants, when I suddenly felt very faint and more or less collapsed. Thankfully my wife, who is not a Christian Scientist church member but is very supportive, saw my fall and was able to drag me to our car and drive me to the emergency room of a local hospital.

Once there, she called one of my church members and asked her and other members to pray for me. At the hospital, I was given drugs and diagnosed as having had a major stroke on the right side of my brain, one that might leave me partially or totally paralyzed and unable to speak. My wife was told that essentially the right side of my brain had died.

During the night I was awakened every hour as part of stroke protocol, and each time my wife would declare to me that this diagnosis was a false idol and one that we would not worship.

The next morning, when I awoke, I was able to recognize my wife and showed signs of recovery, but there were still fears of lasting damage, and so another brain scan was ordered to determine the extent of the injury. When the attending physicians saw the brain scan, they were amazed and mystified; there were absolutely no signs of the damage which had been so apparent in the initial scan. The doctors were unable to explain this development, but I knew that the power of God, as brought to bear by the prayers of our church members and my wife, had accomplished this otherwise inexplicable result.

I was directed to stay in the hospital for several days for observation, but in the years since I have been free of after-effects or limitations of any kind.  I continue to be immensely grateful for the loving support of my wife and our church membership and this demonstration of the power of God in the most severe circumstances.



Stomach pain overcome through prayer

One day recently I was suddenly overcome with extreme stomach pains. I couldn’t quiet thought enough to feel God’s presence. I called a Christian Science practitioner and left a request for prayerful support on the answering machine. I lay down and tried to reach out to feel God’s love. I prayed with the “Scientific Statement of Being” from Science and Health by Mary Baker Eddy.

The first sentence states “There is no life, truth, intelligence nor substance in matter.” I reasoned that matter can’t make any conditions for a spiritual idea of God, my true identity. Fear and anxiety arose as I remembered I had a special event to attend that evening. Would I be able to go? Would the pain be gone? Might it reoccur at the event? I realized that the fear needed to be overcome and dismissed. It still seemed hard to “Be still and know that I am God”, as the Bible admonishes us.

The next thing I knew it was 6:00 PM. I had been asleep for around two hours. I was completely free of the pain. I gratefully thanked and praised God. I attended the evening event and was pain free. When we are able to prove that as Mrs. Eddy tells us, Life in and of Spirit is the sole reality of existence, it is a joy to gain a step forward on our spiritual journey. I am deeply grateful for Christin Science practitioners who stand ready and willing to prayerfully support us. And for Christian Science.


Christian Science Prayer Quickly Heals Dog of Pain and Lameness

In late November 2016, my wife noticed that our beloved Boston terrier, Bella, was limping badly on one leg and was refusing to eat, to go on her daily walk, or to participate in any family activity.   She simply wanted to lie in her bed, exhibiting obvious signs of pain with her ears tucked tightly against the back of her head. She is normally very playful and friendly, and we had never seen her before in such a condition.

Some family members remarked, “Bella could be suffering from acute arthritis; I guess she’s older than we realized. Maybe she injured her leg when she jumped out of the car the other day.” Alarmed, my wife made an appointment to see a local veterinarian on the following Monday.

When I received this discouraging report upon returning from work that evening, I rejected from my thought any suggestion that a belief in arthritis or injury could manifest itself as a painful condition in an idea of God, and sensed that Bella needed to feel God’s love for her. She had seemed somewhat depressed since we adopted a kitten a couple of weeks earlier! At the dinner table, Bella yelped in pain when I attempted to pick her up. Instead, I picked her up in her bed and placed it on my lap.   I petted her and prayed audibly with repetitions of Psalm 139, verse 14: “(Bella) is fearfully and wonderfully made; marvelous are thy works, and that my soul knoweth right well” and with the Scientific Statement of Being (Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, page 468, by M.B. Eddy), while reminding her audibly of how much God loves her and maintains her perfection as a spiritual idea. Bella responded positively to this prayerful treatment, remaining calm as she sat in my lap for nearly an hour. I continued with study and silent prayer for the rest of the evening.

The next morning, on Friday, my wife cheerfully reported that Bella seemed to be a “little better” as she was able to walk outside in our yard to relieve herself. At dinner time, her appetite seemed to return and she appeared to be able to walk more normally.   On Saturday morning, she came downstairs and barked at the drawer containing her tennis balls, indicating that she wanted to play fetch.   By Sunday morning she appeared to be completely healed, participating in all of her normal activities.   My wife canceled the appointment with the veterinarian promptly on Monday morning with much gratitude for the quick healing.   Needless to say that there was no further discussion about arthritis or speculation about the cause of the apparent problem.


Injuries from child’s fall healed: Truth was there first

My eight-year-old daughter came in from playing outside one day, very scraped-up and in pain from a fall. We prayed with the truths we had learned in our study of Christian Science. Christian Scientists and others, all over the world, study The Holy Bible, along with Mary Baker Eddy’s major work, Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, on a daily basis. These two books gave my daughter and me the foundation from which to pray in that moment of need.

Essentially, we prayed to see what God sees. Since God is perfect and can only see perfection, God was seeing my daughter’s perfection right then and always. Because God can’t be injured, neither could she, since she reflects God’s perfection at all times. God’s child is a spiritual idea at all times, and an idea can’t be damaged or in pain. As a spiritual idea of God, she could never fall out of that perfection.

The healing came that same day when we realized that the truth of her unfallen perfection was there first, and that this appearance of injury was only a counterfeit-picture, a lie about God’s child. After all, the very nature of the counterfeit of anything is that a counterfeit only presents itself after the original has been established. Otherwise, the counterfeit (something not authentic) would be the original. The counterfeit claims authenticity, but it will never have any, because it is not the original. It can’t be first because the truth is first. The pain stopped, my daughter went out to play, and the scrapes healed up shortly after.

That angel thought about the ‘truth being there first,’ has helped with many challenges over the years. In the Bible, in the first chapter of the book of Genesis, we read that God created man (man, woman, and child) in His image and likeness, and He gave us dominion over all the earth. That first chapter in Genesis also tells us that everything God made, was very good! This is the truth that was there first and forever, and can’t be opposed by an opposite claim (counterfeit). The perfection of God and man is always intact and secure, and it always has been. When the counterfeit picture tries to tell us something different, we have but to cling steadfastly to ‘perfect God and perfect man.’ Then we are seeing what God is always seeing about us. I love the Bible passage from Jeremiah 29:11: “For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, saith the Lord, thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end”, and that expected end is harmony.

With much gratitude,                                                                                                                                                     BM



God’s Love and guidance is ever-available

When traveling in unfamiliar countries, it is always comforting to know that we are never outside of God’s care, protection and guidance.  That wherever we are, the Christ, Truth is present.

While on a game drive in an African country, our jeep was returning to the camp after dark.  I needed to wipe my nose and didn’t realize until we had light at our camp, that my nose was bleeding profusely.  There were strict rules and time schedules at the camp.  We were not allowed to go to our cabins unaccompanied by a staff member, because of the animals we might encounter.  It was dinner time.  As I turned to God in prayer, I felt His presence, care and guidance.  I spoke with the camp manager, assuring him I was all right, but needed to go to my cabin at once.  There were not other Christian Scientists in the group, and I didn’t want the others to be concerned.  The manager let me go alone to my tent.  On the way I was rejoicing in that and realizing God’s complete control over every bodily function.  It took some time for the bleeding to stop.  I prayed to not be concerned about being late for dinner or arousing fears of others of my situation.  I was grateful to feel calm, assured of Love’s provision for every need.  I was able to return to dinner on my own, a bit late and with no comments from anyone.

I am so grateful to Mary Baker Eddy for discerning and sharing the underlying laws of harmony and good on which Christ Jesus based his healings.  In her book, Science and Health, she tells us how we can utilize these laws to heal and resolve any problem. My gratitude to God for His love, care and guidance is boundless.


Stolen items recovered

Last Friday I had the opportunity to pay more attention to God’s angel-messages than despair, and it saved me!

This is what happened. I enjoy playing the recorder, a wooden musical instrument, and was on my way to join a group of fellow recorder-players in a rehearsal and evening playing session. I just had time to stop for a quick dinner, and I chose a well-known hamburger place. Unfortunately, upon returning to my car, I found that someone had smashed in the window and taken my bag of many recorders and another bag with some sailing gear. It was a shock to see this loss, as it hadn’t even occurred to me that these might seem an attractive target. There was a security guard in the parking lot, and he said that this happened right when he took a brief break, and that they had broken his car window, too, taking his backpack. I called the police, who were sorry to hear it, but not able to come out for a few hours, offering the option to report the loss online.

Right when I first saw this, I asked God for an idea, and this is what came: “Nothing of value can be taken from you.” I understood this to mean that since my being is spiritual, and the substance of everything I love is also spiritual, that is why nothing of value could be taken from me. Eternal ideas, true substance, cannot be taken. The security guard suggested I look in nearby dumpsters, as the contents of the bags were not likely what the window-breakers were seeking. This seemed like a reasonable idea to me, so as I looked in nearby dumpsters, I kept cherishing this message: Nothing of value can be taken from me. I also prayed to see that nothing of value could be taken from the one who thought they could benefit by stealing: not their honesty, integrity, purpose, self-worth, or conscious connection with God. I knew I needed to love them as God’s pure child.

After an unsuccessful search, I decided to go down the road a bit to look in behind some nearby buildings in their trash… but no recorders. I stopped to pray more earnestly, rejecting the temptation to mentally catalog the considerable financial loss and give in to woe and sorrow. It seemed like the best thing to do was go home to continue in steadfast prayer, so I began driving that direction.  Very shortly, a call came on my cell phone. I pulled over, and the caller said, “This is kind of a funny thing to ask, but do you have a bag of recorders?” “YES!” I answered. She said someone had thrown three bags on her lawn, and one was my bag of recorders. A second was my sailing bag. She had found a name tag in the bag, Googled the name, and found my phone number on my website. She gave me her address, and I was there in less than ten minutes. Nothing was missing from either of my two bags. The third belonged to the security guard, and I called the hamburger place so he could know to come retrieve his bag, also.

I did go on to play my recorders that evening, with such a heart full of gratitude and joy! I feel the decision to abandon the recorders where there was a possibility they could be recovered (rather than in a dumpster heading for landfill) was the Christ speaking to that individual. I feel the whole episode was really an unusual request for prayer on the part of that individual, and I continue to pray for him. Nothing of value can be taken from me, or from him, either. Thank you to God!!!