Nosebleed stopped quickly

As the airplane began to descend for landing, my nose started to bleed.  It wasn’t the first time that I’ve been troubled with this problem and frequently it  has lasted for quite a while.  I immediately turned to God in prayer and mentally said a strong “No, you have no power over me, no cause”. I continued to affirm that God is the only cause and causes only that which is good, normal, harmonious.  My identity is not in a  malfunctioning, matter body,  Divine Love is present, caring for everyone on this plane and meeting all needs.  With that the bleeding stopped.  I had been talking with my seat mates and I don’t think they were even aware of the problem.  I was happy to be free as the plane landed.  When we take a step forward spiritually, it is always a time for gratitude.  I am deeply grateful that Christian Science shows us how to follow in the steps of Christ Jesus’ healings.



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