Christian Science Lectures

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Healing 101, online now!  This is a series offered live in April 2016, 2017, and 2018, designed for anyone interested in learning more about or experiencing healing in their lives. The series will remain viewable indefinitely.   Here is the hot link to the page below:


Here is the hot link to the page above:

A great way to learn more about God’s love and how healing takes place in Christian Science is to hear an experienced speaker explain some of these key ideas.  Here are a number of such inspiring talks.  A few of the titles:

Here is a link to another site, “The Daily Lift, a short daily message designed to uplift all of us!

To find out about locations and dates of live Christian Science lectures anywhere,
click here, under the banner heading “Find us”.

Responding to God’s Sustaining Love,  by Brian Talcott.  Hear his helpful ideas in this video of the talk:

Prayer, Identity & You:  Our community welcomed experienced Christian Science speaker Dave Stevens last year, speaking on this topic to a full house.  It addresses how to identify oneself from God’s perspective, and the harmonizing side-effects of this identification.