Prayer to God reverses stroke

One afternoon four years ago I was on our deck watering plants, when I suddenly felt very faint and more or less collapsed. Thankfully my wife, who is not a Christian Scientist church member but is very supportive, saw my fall and was able to drag me to our car and drive me to the emergency room of a local hospital.

Once there, she called one of my church members and asked her and other members to pray for me. At the hospital, I was given drugs and diagnosed as having had a major stroke on the right side of my brain, one that might leave me partially or totally paralyzed and unable to speak. My wife was told that essentially the right side of my brain had died.

During the night I was awakened every hour as part of stroke protocol, and each time my wife would declare to me that this diagnosis was a false idol and one that we would not worship.

The next morning, when I awoke, I was able to recognize my wife and showed signs of recovery, but there were still fears of lasting damage, and so another brain scan was ordered to determine the extent of the injury. When the attending physicians saw the brain scan, they were amazed and mystified; there were absolutely no signs of the damage which had been so apparent in the initial scan. The doctors were unable to explain this development, but I knew that the power of God, as brought to bear by the prayers of our church members and my wife, had accomplished this otherwise inexplicable result.

I was directed to stay in the hospital for several days for observation, but in the years since I have been free of after-effects or limitations of any kind.  I continue to be immensely grateful for the loving support of my wife and our church membership and this demonstration of the power of God in the most severe circumstances.



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