Migraine-like Symptoms Healed

I have occasionally been faced with the symptoms of migraine headache, and turned to spiritual truths for usually quick healings. Last year, however, I felt the symptoms rising during the afternoon but didn’t take the time to turn to God and His perspective of my perfect wholeness as His child. My husband and I were to attend the ballet in a nearby city and I insisted on going, praying half-heartedly on the way. But during the first half of the performance, I had to leave my seat, and at intermission told my husband I couldn’t continue. We left to take the hour-long subway ride home. Once in the train station, deep under the city, I felt even worse — unable to stand upright and nearly overcome with nausea, aching head and bowel discomfort. I dreaded the confinement of the train ride ahead. In desperation, I called my Christian Science teacher by cell phone, even though it was after midnight in her time zone. I was only able to say I was very ill in a subway station and need help. She immediately reminded me firmly that I was never separated from God and His care, right there and right now. All I could do was listen, but I felt somewhat better as she continued to talk. She agreed to continue prayerful support for me. So I hung up the call and we boarded the train. The ride felt interminable (including some unexpected delays). I kept my eyes closed and my thoughts focused on every truth about God and His creation (me) that I could think of. And a steady stream of inspiration did come. By the time we arrived at our home station, I was much better. And within the first few minutes of the car ride home, it was suddenly as if a weight was lifted off my head, and I was completely free of every symptom. I happily told my very-worried husband and he was much relieved — and I very extremely grateful to God and for the instant, loving support of my teacher.


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