Rh-negative Blood Condition Neutralized through Prayer

I’d like to share an experience that proved to me without a doubt that God’s law heals, even in dire circumstances.

When my husband and I were expecting our first child, we went to a local doctor for prenatal care. He took a blood test and came back with the news that I had Rh-negative blood. He said this would not be a problem for this present child, but would, after childbirth, cause harmful antibodies to form that would attack the blood of any subsequent children, causing them to be weak, still-born, or needing a total blood transfusion upon arrival. But, he said, I was fortunate that in recent years, medical research had figured out how to avert this disaster by administering a particular drug to the mother within twenty-four hours after childbirth. He warned that without this, we should count on only one child.

These black predictions were extremely alarming to me. We were preparing for the arrival of this child, the first of four, we hoped, with the spiritual support of a Christian Science practitioner. She prayed for me, and I prayed with a depth of need I had rarely faced before. I realized that nobody would blame me for taking this drug if I felt that were best–and I realized that perhaps most expectant moms would gladly run in that direction. However, being a life-long student of Christian Science and having witnessed many times its healing power, I was more inclined to turn to God to heal this condition rather than to drugs. I mentally protested against the proposition that a mix of chemicals had more power to protect life than God, who is Life itself. I vigorously claimed God’s allness, omnipotence, and infinite capacity to maintain of His creation. By the time our son was born, we had moved, and the doctor who first alerted us to this condition was not on the case. I felt a sufficient certainty that I could trust God on this that I did not take the drug. The midwife who helped us with the birth was not aware of the situation, and the birth was a normal one.

My husband and I continued our prayer. When we found ourselves expecting again about a year later, I knew I needed to focus single-mindedly on the spiritual facts about this second child and me. Daily I strove to see more clearly that God is the sole Creator, and that He/She lovingly cares for all He/She creates. In God’s eyes, I was not the source of that child’s life, and I therefore could not be its destroyer. God already knew and loved this precious little one, and I strove to understand this more clearly. God’s law of love overruled any supposed law or action of malicious antibodies. We were grateful for the continued support of the Christian Science practitioner.

I was praying much, but I was sometimes so beset by fears that I couldn’t tell if my prayers were being effective. About two months before our second child was to arrive, the message at a Wednesday evening testimony meeting spoke directly to me. The Biblical account from John 4: 46-53 was read, in which a desperate dad pleads with Jesus to heal his son, who is at the point of death. Jesus says, Unless you see signs and wonders, you will not believe. The dad renews his request for help, and Jesus says, Go thy way; thy son liveth, and the dad goes home. He is met with the wonderful news that his son is fully well.

I realized this seemed my situation exactly. The dad at Jesus’ feet had to believe, trust Jesus’ words without seeing, and go his way. I also could trust what the Christ had been telling me for the past year and a half without having it confirmed physically. It felt like the Christ was right there saying to me, It’s going to be all right, because it is already all right! The fear lifted.

Very shortly after this we made arrangements with a doctor to assist us with a home birth. We requested no blood tests, and he was willing to honor our request.  He was not aware of my blood type.  Our daughter Rachel arrived safely, sound, and whole. There was no vestige of any blood problems, and the doctor pronounced her in perfect health. Again, I chose not to take the drug after this birth, choosing to continue God-reliance.

A year and a half later, this decision to stick with God’s view and authority was blessed in the healthy arrival or our third child. When our fourth was on its way, we arranged with a midwife in the area to help us, as the doctor who helped with the middle two children had moved. She asked me directly if I had Rh-negative blood, and I replied yes. She took a blood test, and it confirmed that although I had this blood type, the predicted pernicious antibodies had never formed after any of the three births. The fourth child arrived safely and in excellent health.

This experience of learning to trust God to fully sustain and care for His children has been a beacon to our family throughout their growing years. It has been a solid rock of conviction that God’s care is the safest and surest in any circumstance, and we as a family saw this borne out repeatedly in quick healings of many problems, including illness, burns, and broken foot bones. I thank God for His goodness and tender loving care, and offer this experience in hope that it will help someone else.


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