Getting Above Grief

Get over it! a friend advised. Rise above it another suggests. How far over the problem must we be in order to get a higher, more spiritual view? Indeed, this metaphor works when we get too close or down and dirty with a problem that has us pinned to the mat of mortal mind. But, how do we begin the ascent out of the mire of matter and into the might of spiritual Truth, uplifting us, rising higher and higher to an enlightened plane of existence?

The ascent starts with Mrs. Eddy’s discovery of the celestial principal that she named Christian Science. This enlightened divine idea that there is no matter to hold us bound to fear’s mortal kin, sin, sickness and death, was to religion what the Wright Brothers’ fledging flight was to the command of aviation. She discovered that no material principle of physics, gravity, magnetic force, strong force, material life, truth or intelligence could eclipse God, tying man to a belief in a finite world of existence in matter.

All healing begins from this lofty perspective of Being as God and man as the spiritual idea of God, expressing Life, Love and Soul. This starting point uplifts us with spiritual vision and recognizes us as reflections of the divine. In this elevated state of thought we can correctly comprehend the true identity of man. In proportion to the clarity of our understanding of the nature and essence of man as the child of God, discordant conditions are seen to be suggestions, and these yield to man’s spiritual perfection.

There remains an important question to be answered: How can we abide in this heavenly state when we feel the jagged rocks of human existence insisting upon reality of the illusions of life in matter? At this moment it is not strength of character or firmness of conviction that is needed. It is spiritual vision from above that sustains us. It is the secret place of the most high that shields us. It is the understanding of God as omnipresent that embraces us. Securely in the Love of infinite power, our illusions of being beneath or below the Kingdom of Heaven are revealed and dissolved.

When challenged by the loss of a loved one I found these truths sustaining me and leading me to higher ground safe from the winds and waves of grief and despair. The many angels that whispered God’s goodness and the joy of God’s eternal spiritual creation lifted me to the realization that Life is eternal. New views of God’s wisdom and nurturing care led me into the company of other loving members of this Christian community of spiritual thinkers. Slowly, gently, I emerged until I saw clearly where the daystar was guiding me. Many suggestions presented themselves like so many beguiling invitations to continue struggling with matter. Each day I heard the bird’s song heralding the morn and awakening me to new opportunities. Each prayer took me higher and higher into the understanding of my divine right to dwell in God’s Holy City of Love. No longer alone or afraid, doubt was vanquished, hope kindled, anguish healed, and completeness re-established. I got over it to where blessings abound.

JAK Orinda 2/2007

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