Flu Symptoms Healed Quickly

Some years ago, I found myself becoming increasingly ill with symptoms associated with flu. It was mid-winter, and we were having a record cold snap. I found myself spending many hours outside trying to prevent freezing pipes from breaking at neighbors’ homes. It seemed a largely futile task, as it just kept getting colder each night, and the days were not warm enough to thaw out the uninsulated pipes. I was feeling worn down.

One morning, I felt so sick, I could scarcely move around safely, much less think or pray coherently.  I felt like all I could do was go back to bed, but instead I called a Christian Science practitioner for help. After hearing my woes she reminded me that God is Love and that my experience was, from God’s perspective, an illusion since he did not create illness. After reassuring me of these simple truths, she said simply, “You go back to bed; I will pray for you.” I was a bit startled with the brevity of her response, but I did just that.

I recalled that the words influence and influenza, or flu, and all stem from the same source. I reminded myself that God is the only influence governing man. Abiding in God’s kingdom, I could only be governed by a loving God and not other people’s thinking, either well-meaning or fearful.

Shortly after waking in a few hours, I felt clearly what had been divinely true all along about my condition. Since God could not create illness, something unlike himself, it could not have power over me.  As his creation, I was entirely spiritual. I was a perfect and immortal child of God. These simple thoughts were sufficient to quiet my fear, and make me aware in some small degree of God’s presence, caring for me, then and there.  The flu symptoms were disappearing.

I called the practitioner again to tell her my progress. I was able to function normally by noon, at which time my friend, with his large plumbing tools, came to my house to tell me he had temporarily repaired my water pipe. It had broken in half in the freeze, sending fountains of water down the road behind my house.  I had been busy helping others, and then I got blessed too! By the next day, I was able to attend church and to drive several hours to visit someone including a hearty dinner. The healing was complete. I am grateful to be learning that God, good, is in charge, and that healing is a side effect of becoming more God-like.