Hearing restored and gratitude for knowing God more

A little more than a year ago I found Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy at a thrift store in their book section.  I had never heard of it before then.  At home I would read it whenever I could.  I was really amazed at the testimonies at the back of the book.  I found some of the book difficult to understand and overlooked a lot of the reading and after a few months I donated it back to the same store.  As time went by I kept thinking about Christian Science, feeling in my spirit it was true.  I was wishing I had kept the precious little black leather book.

I finally found a Christian Science Practitioner close to where I live.  I first met with her to find out more about Christian Science.  She was very loving, kind and patient during treatment and through follow-up sessions.  She also gave me a lot of helpful info, including telling me of a Christian Science Reading Room, where I bought another copy of Science and Health.  I read this and the Bible, and many other books from the Reading Room, along with praying daily.

About three weeks later I began to lose my hearing in my right ear and within days I could barely hear people talk unless they talked very loud or got right next to my ear.  It was so frustrating that I couldn’t hear my doorbell ring, my phone ring, the water running and even the TV with the volume up as far as it could go. My left ear had been damaged when I was nine years old after a doctor tried to correct a problem with excessive earaches so I never could hear much out of that ear.  Meanwhile my family and friends out of concern kept insisting I go to the doctors to have it checked but I decided not to, wanting to lean on God for healing.  I called the Christian Science practitioner for treatment.  Two weeks later over the weekend I began to hear a little bit and on Monday morning after waking up I could hear all the lovely sounds of the birds and every thing was so loud!  Praise be to God, my hearing was totally restored and made whole as God created me to be.  Even the hearing in my left ear is better than it used to be.  And thanks be to God for the Christian Science practitioner’s standing with me with her prayers, love, and support. Because God first loved us, we love.  Praise God for His loving grace!


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  1. Thank you for sharing this wonderful healing through Christian Science. As the New Testament states, “Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty.” Understanding our divine identity in and of God, the divine reality comes forth (is revealed) and the false condition fades. This was so encouraging to read.

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