Painful Toe Healed through Prayer

One day my toe had what looked like an in-grown toenail.  It started hurting a lot.  I run for my high school track team, and when my toe started to prevent me from running, I turned to God and relied on His guidance.  At first, I was not feeling confident and felt under huge time pressure because I we had a track meet coming up.  So, I went back to the basics we have been learning in Sunday School, affirming that I am the perfect reflection of God and running is my special way of expressing God-like qualities.  My ability to run isn’t just because of physical characteristics; it’s a God-given talent that can’t be taken away by inharmony (the appearance of a hurting toe.)  I decided to stand up for myself being spiritual as a lawyer arguing a case would.

These truths helped me get back on the right track of thought.  The next morning the pain in my toe had lessened greatly, and I was back to running the following day.  I was able to run unhampered, and set a Personal Best record that meet.  I’m extremely grateful for this healing and I’m also glad that I’m back to expressing God through running!


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