Effective Prayer for Ill Daughter

I would like to tell about a healing that both my daughter and I had recently. My daughter is three and full of wonder. We were just returning from a day in the field attempting to capture an endangered snake. About half way home we hit some traffic on the freeway in San Francisco and my daughter vomited all over herself and the back seat of our rental car. After a moment my thought was calm enough to find a shoulder large enough to pull out of traffic and try to clean up as much of the mess as possible and make my daughter more comfortable.

Once I was back in the car driving a flood of awful thoughts came to me. They started with, “What happened, is this the flu, did she eat something that made her ill?” And to throw in a little parental guilt, “What did I give her to eat and was it fresh?”

Immediately on the heels of these thoughts came the Christ message. “Nothing happened to God’s sweet, perfect idea. She is entirely spiritual, a reflection of God. There is no power that can change that fact. God is omnipotent good, the only power.” Meanwhile my daughter went back to sleep and the Christ message continued: “There is no cause or source outside of God, so the only thing that she can have is infinite, eternal good. You can’t have done anything wrong because you are God’s reflection too and your motives are pure, intending only good for your daughter.” At that point I just firmly declared my daughter’s identity as God’s entirely spiritual child. And I knew this was effective prayer. I felt satisfied that because Truth was the source of my declaration, suggestions to the contrary had no substance or foundation to sustain them. With that I let go of the fear for my daughter’s well being. However, aggressive mental suggestions continued to badger me, trying to sneak in and claim to be my own thought. The whole rest of the way home I had the most fun bringing every thought into conformity to the Christ. The suggestions that came to me about possible cause or source became almost laughable. They were just impotent in the face of the Truth shining in my consciousness.

When we got home my daughter woke up, got out of the car, vomited once more on the sidewalk and was done with it. I gave her a bath and by the end of it she was playing like nothing had ever happened.

What an exhilarating experience this was for me! To feel God’s presence so effective and constant was marvelous and I wish I had words to convey my gratitude to God for this experience. I guess my greatest expression of gratitude would be to continue being conscious of the Truth and witnessing every thought being brought into conformity with the Christ, following with not just words, but deeds. I am also grateful to every practitioner I have ever spoken with, for every Sentinel, Journal, and Sentinel Radio article or conversation I have read or heard, for all of Mrs. Eddy’s writings, and for the Bible. I feel like what I am learning from all of these sources has led me to an understanding that allowed this healing experience.


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