Lump in Breast Healed through Prayer

About 15 years ago, I had an experience that made me so grateful to be a student of Christian Science. I discovered a lump in my breast and immediately I thought, “This can be healed through prayer!” But because of my family history, I was pretty frightened of what the outcome might be if I wasn’t earnest and thorough in trusting God. (My mother had passed on under medical care with similar symptoms.) I had three small children at the time and my husband knew what was going on and agreed to be patient while I prayed for a healing rather than see a medical doctor.

I turned to the first chapter of Genesis and really studied the message that God created man (me) in His own likeness and that therefore I could not inherit anything unlike God. I enlisted the help of a Christian Science practitioner to help me keep my thoughts focused on God’s eternal goodness and the perfect health that constitutes His creation. For many weeks, I prayed every moment I could. I often woke up in the middle of the night and prayed to calm my fears. I had many wonderful insights during this time but still the condition remained and seemed to be worsening. At no time, though, was I tempted to see a doctor. I had seen so many wonderful healings through prayer in my life and my children’s lives that I looked forward to all the new ideas I would gain about God and His creation.

I was praying to understand more clearly who God is and who I am as His child. I wanted to see that because God is Love, I am always loved by Him and that Love is perfect and healthy. And because God is Principle, there could be no unhealthy growth in me. I loved what I read in Science & Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy (page 91) -“Let us rid ourselves of the belief that man is separated from God, and obey only the divine Principle, Life and Love. Here is the great point of departure for all true spiritual growth.” One day it was suddenly crystal clear to me that because I am the image of God who is Spirit, my true self, my true identity, was never born into matter and I could never die out of matter. I am now, always have been and always will be spiritual.

The symptoms continued unabated even after that glimpse of my eternal nature. One day I called the practitioner to ask for help to keep my thoughts on track and he was out of town for several days. I was at a very low point and felt that I had to talk to him right away, that I couldn’t cope with the fear until he got back. Then, just as suddenly, another thought came rushing in ~ that I have a direct connection to God, that God is always with me, as the quote above told me. Several days later I realized I was not afraid anymore and that lump was gone. It never returned. I’m immensely grateful that Christian Science teaches us how to pray effectively and always to expect healing.


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  1. I have just found a hard lump in my right breast from scan , fluid lumps in my left breast. I am confident of healing and I know I will smile and pass through this phase without fear and like nothing happened. I am confident that my lord in heaven will heal me, fear is not a part of me. I am healed, I will be met with great news and the lump will not be dangerous in Jesus mighty name. Amen … my eyes are healed, my ear is healed and everything in my body is healed in Jesus name

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