Lingering cough healed

We were really looking forward to our trip to Africa. It would be our third trip, and we were really looking forward to it. But as the time was getting closer and closer, I was having a problem with an incessant cough. It was quite constant during the daytime but fortunately I could sleep at night. I was having help from a Christian Science practitioner to solve the problem but it was being very stubborn. My husband, who is not a Christian Scientist, got me a variety of medicines and I even tried those, but nothing seemed to change. My prayer was to understand that since God is All and God is good, this cough was not true in the infinitude of God’s goodness.

We were scheduled to leave on Saturday, and on Monday night I went to a Christian Science lecture. The speaker shared many helpful ideas, but one story really stood out to me. She told about a brash young reporter who decided that he wanted to interview Mary Baker Eddy, the founder of Christian Science. Mrs. Eddy was in her late eighties and there were stories circulating that she was not mentally alert. When he called on her, he said, “Tell me what this cult Christian Science is.” Mrs. Eddy’s response was, “Christian Science is the absolute acknowledgement of the ever presence of infinite perfection.” When he heard that statement and felt the conviction in this woman’s voice, he quietly left and asked no more questions. Some time later, he was in the military and was wounded. He remembered Mrs. Eddy’s statement and he repeated it to himself. He found himself instantly healed of his wounds. (Church records in Boston authenticated this information.)

That statement really spoke to me. I wrote it down and repeated it many times to feel the power of its truth. In the morning my husband said, “You’re not coughing!” That was absolutely the end of it. I never had any reoccurrence on the trip, which was wonderful, and I was so grateful to feel God’s power and presence that healed a very stubborn problem.


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