Discomfort after Eating Healed

I recently was invited to an artist friend’s home for luncheon, along with another artist friend. My hostess’ husband is from India so she has learned to cook Indian food. I was offered me second helpings, and I eagerly ate. The food was delicious.

A couple of hours later, we were looking at her paintings and discussing mine, when I began to feel very uncomfortable. I thought I had stuffed myself, & that was the cause. I started to feel weak & dizzy, and felt I could not stand upright. I was seeing double, so I sat downi I tried to figure how I could leave graciously, but wondered how I would drive my car. As I sat there, I began saying to myself the Scientific Statement of Being from Science & Health, by Mary Baker Eddy: “There is no life, truth, intelligence, nor substance in matter…” and I felt that maybe I could leave the group discretely without anyone knowing my situation. By then, I was able to drive my car, and when the radio turned on, they were talking about the current Ecoli & bad spinach situation.

I realized that one of her dishes was a spinach casserole. I laughed at that, because this lady would NEVER buy spinach in a plastic bag. She does everything from scratch. And there was no power in a plastic bag to harm me; no power in unwashed spinach to harm me; no harm in anything that God made, and God made EVERYTHING! There is only one power and that is God, good. There is only one source, and that is good, and nothing but good can be real.

I was able to drive my car to my church, where I had an important item to tend to. By then I was no longer seeing double, and I was able to walk in a straight line. By the time I arrived at my home, I was perfectly well. And extremely grateful!

I so appreciate the lessons we learn in Christian Science, and how God is caring for us continually. What a blessing we have in Christian Science!


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