Prayer helps after head struck

I have a very dear friend from England who was moving her parents into a care facility so I flew to LA to assist with packing the house.  As we left Starbuck’s after getting something for breakfast, I became aware of someone ranting to my left and suddenly he threw my friend against the wall.  As I turned to help my friend, he struck me on the temple with a blunt object and I seemed to be experiencing a lot of pain.  We hurried back to Starbucks to avoid further threats from this seemingly deranged young man.

I immediately thought, man is not a victim and can’t be victimized.  The side of my head was really pounding by this time so I kept repeating the scientific statement of being (found on page 468 of Science and Health, by Mrs. Eddy.)  I sought reassurance that my friend was OK and she exclaimed there was a huge lump growing on my head.  I assured her that I was fine but she insisted the paramedics be called.  This is not what I wanted but I knew I needed to handle this so I tried to remain as calm as possible.  The paramedics found my blood pressure was absolutely normal; however, they gave my friend a litany of symptoms to watch for as I declined any further assistance.

We walked back to the house but as we started to get the packing materials out, I was in extreme pain and experiencing a migraine aura.  I was so grateful to have my cell phone with me which had a Christian Science practitioner’s number in it.   The practitioner gave me some encouraging ideas and the aura lifted immediately but the pain persisted; however I was able to pack.  Later that afternoon, the police arrived for a routine investigation precipitated by the paramedics’ report.  I sincerely expressed this individual needed help not incarceration.  Later that evening, I was able to sleep comfortably and I awoke with absolutely no pain.  We packed the rest of the house and I flew home that afternoon with no ill effect from the cabin pressure.  I went to work the next day, and although there was extensive bruising, I experienced no more pain.  Within a few days all evidence was gone.

My friend called me about a week later from England to see how I was doing. I said I was perfect!   She then admitted she had been having difficulty breathing when she was thrown against the wall but was so concerned about me that she made no mention of this incident.  Her present normal condition without medical intervention was further proof of God’s love for both of us.  I am so grateful for this demonstration of God’s care in sudden need.


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