Lost Purse (and Peace) Recovered

After arriving at a large airport terminal where I was to meet my sister I gathered my luggage. One piece had been set aside as it must have arrived on an earlier flight. Finally getting all together I looked for my sister arriving on another flight. Not seeing her I called her on my cell phone. Shortly we happily met and went to another level of the airport for lunch. As I reached for my bag that contained my money, credit cards, driver’s license, ID, jewelry, in fact everything except my cell phone, it was gone. I mentally retraced my steps and then physically retraced my steps asking the woman at the luggage center and she assured me I had had the bag when talking to her. I talked to the Customer Service desk, Lost and Found and airlines desk I was greeted with lots of negative suggestions. One woman said.” Oh, purse snatchers”. I remembered asking directions from various people. Could they have surreptiously taken my bag? I began looking with suspicion on everyone I passed. There were three floors in this airport terminal and many people. Fear really crept in as the wedding that weekend that we had all looked forward to would certainly be soured for me and others as I would have to bother with closing accounts, borrowing money, and filing paperwork on lost items and sadness at losing some very precious (to me) jewelry.

Then I woke up! I declared there were no dishonest people in the entire airport. That Love was guiding me to do the right thing. That God was right with us. My sister and I prayed. She had some wonderful citations (helpful passages from the Bible and Science and Health, by Mrs. Eddy) with her and we prayed together. Having my cell phone I called a Christian Science practitioner and left a message for help. I then remembered putting down all the bags to make the earlier cell phone call. This new idea sent me back down two levels and as I went I heard my name called over the public address system. It had been over an hour since I had left that area. As I approached the Customer Service center, tears beginning to well in my eves, I saw a police officer was looking through my bag. He asked for some ID, which I of course did not have. He asked if everything was in the bag and I found everything intact. With a smile he said, “This is way I like to see these problem resolved.” With joy I left another message for the practitioner with my happy news that all was well. No more did I look with suspicion, but with love and appreciation for everyone I passed. What a wonderful beginning that was for a joyous weekend! I thank God for His goodness in opening my eyes.


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