Cold and Sore Throat Healed through Prayer

On a recent Saturday, I was struggling with a cold and a sore throat that looked like they would keep me at home for the day. This was frustrating because my sister and I were going to be participating in a local tennis doubles tournament that afternoon. After sulking for an hour, walking around the house, I began to notice all of my resources: the C.S. Sentinel magazines on the counter in the kitchen and the dining room table, a Science & Health on the kitchen table, the Bible-lesson in my backpack, the Sentinel radio edition CD in our car. This was a good reminder that I could and can always turn to God, Love.

I curled up on the couch in the living room and began to read a healing that was published in the Sentinel magazine. One of the passages from Science & Health that had helped the man in his healing really stood out to me. It says,

“Christian Science brings to the body the sunlight of Truth, which invigorates and purifies. Christian Science acts as an alterative, neutralizing error with Truth. It changes the secretions, expels humors, dissolves tumors, relaxes rigid muscles, restores carious bones to soundness. The effect of this Science is to stir the human mind to a change of base, on which it may yield to the harmony of divine Mind” (p. 162).

While the whole rigid muscles and tumors thing wasn’t really what I was looking for, the part about “change of base” and yielding to the harmony of divine Mind was very helpful. At camp, one counselor talked about instead of struggling with a problem or holding onto it, to simply “Let go and let God”. I began to accept certain facts about myself and my relationship with God. After reading the passage in the Sentinel, I decided to look it up in Science & Health to read it in context. I ended up reading almost the whole chapter, and then continuing on to Physiology. I read a little in Prayer, Footsteps of Truth and then flipped to some of our Sunday School’s favorite pages, the 390’s. As I was reading, I began to forget about the cold, and got more and more into the reading. I paused when the phone rang and realized that I hadn’t even blown my nose for at least 30-40 minutes.

However, at that point, I began to feel the same symptoms again and was slightly discouraged. I decided that it was okay to blow my nose, but I was going to keep my mind on the spiritual track. Every time I took a tissue, I would take a pen and write one small truth on the actual tissue box. Some of the ones I wrote were:
“Mind governs the body, not in one instance, but in every instance.”
“God is Love.
“Thou art whole.”
“Blot out the images of mortal thought and its beliefs in sickness and sin.”
“Divine Mind has all power.”
“The indestructible faculties of Spirit exist without the conditions of matter.”

After doing this for a while, I remembered something else. I had built my house on the rock, not the sand, and so therefore nothing could shake or break my strong house.

I again became very engrossed in my reading and writing, and when I stopped for a moment to de-smudge the box, I realized I was singing to myself (Mothers Evening Prayer, a hymn by Mary Baker Eddy), something that I hadn’t been able to do all morning. Immediately, I felt my head clear as well as my nose and I could swallow painlessly. I got up and found myself fully energetic. I had an urge to go jump on the trampoline! I am so grateful for this experience and for Christian Science, and especially God!

M. A.

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  1. K.T. Willis says:


  2. Lori says:

    My throat is sore. I will let go and let God. Amen.

    “God is an americal” ^^ something I wrote in my bible when i was a little kid.

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